Brian Slocock: ” I would never side with Russia against genuine popular movements in Syria or anywhere else”.

Ashuara au coeur des Mondes

Brian Slocock has been a socialist and anti-imperialist activist for some 50 years. By training and occupation he is a political scientist (now retired from university teaching). He has no longer associated with any particular political tendency, but his values and outlook remain firmly on the Gauche de la Gauche.

Interview  by Lilia Marsali.

No real anti-imperialism can be built on such regimes – they are simply engines for the oppression of their own people, only too eager to make deals with imperialism when the opportunity arises.


1) As an anti-imperialist why should you feel concerned by Syria?

For me real anti-imperialism can only be the anti-imperialism of the people –it must be rooted in broad popular movements for democracy and for the social and economic interests of the popular classes. Perhaps fifty years ago there was some excuse for believing that bourgeois nationalist regimes that were breaking free from…

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